Michael Dorety

Michael brings multi-faceted expertise to the table in areas that include raising start-up capital and private equity; management and turn-around of under-performing companies, business plan development, implementation of organizational infrastructure and processes, new business development, sales and marketing. His career spans industries such as web services, with a national reputation for expertise in designing accessible websites compliant with ADA guidelines; telecom, digital telecommunication and data transmission services; non-profit and education.


Key accomplishments include a partnership to support the Microsoft’s Accessibility Website; leading the team that patented the iCommunicator™ system providing accessibility to the hard of hearing and deaf communities with key partnerships such as Disney, HP/Compaq and ScanSoft; owning and managing the Assistive Technology (AT) Comparison Shopping Engine which currently feeds MSN and Windows and controls the AT category of those e-commerce sites.

Communications - Telecom, Digital, Networking, Data transmission

Michael's impressive career includes key leadership roles in companies and ventures that have been leaders in the varied fields of communications. His clients have included Fortune 500 names such as MCI, AT&T, Sprint, Metromedia and WorldCom. His efforts have resulted in achievements such as capturing the majority position of the U.S. long distance network access equipment market, and facilitating relationships between the financial industry and manufacturing to provide increased revenues to financial institutions using state-of-the-art voice, data, and video networking infrastructure.

Non-Profit and Education

With a passion for literacy and learning, Michael negotiated an exclusive licensing agreement for the proprietary rights to all software code developed by the University of Colorado’s Center for Speech and Language Research to commercialize and resell a suite of software products for children’s education, “Foundations to Literacy.” He acted as the Primary Investigator for the Institution’s grant applications to fund product development.

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